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Pakaya Technologies

South Africa

Sunningdale, Cape Town

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About Us


Tech does not replace humans;

It Empowers Them

About Us

Pakaya Technologies

We are IT Infrastructure, Information Management Specialists for Cloud and On Promise catering for all organizations from small to medium to large at very competitive rates with staff has an in-depth industry knowledge having worked with many major players in the industry. Our team members have worked with AWS, Oracle, TDL registries, and the major enterprise companies.

“In the digital age, technology is no longer just an enabler; it is a strategic asset.”

Steve Ballmer – former CEO of Microsoft

Why Choose Us

Your Perfect Solution For Digital Success

We are catalyst IT transformation and are a strategic partner committed to your success. Our team is passionate about helping businesses thrive in the ever-growing and fast paced digital age. We work closely with our clients in understanding and identifying their goals, opportunities, and implement solutions that drive your business forward.

Our Vision

Be a household name in the entreptise space for small, medium and large organizations in Africa

Our Mission

To simplify life with technology for all

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